Custom Designs

If you have a favourite car logo or a design you like, it can be transformed into a stained glass window or plate. Maybe you have a special anniversary or birthday you would like a glass piece to celebrate. I can always design a piece specially for you!

I was asked if I could create a kookaburra plate. I answered yes and suggested the grandson of the person the gift was intended for create the design. Little did i know it was going to be a piece of water colour artwork! I then created this 12 inch plate with glass fit giving the added colour required.

This plate was designed for a 90th birthday celebration. The stripes in the glass were made by different colors fused together and the letters "celebrate" were cut using the glass saw. The original inspiration for this plate came from napkins purchased for the occasion.

These trophies were created for the 2012 Lightning North American Championships held a the Houston Yacht Club, Houston, Texas.


This stained glass piece was designed and created for  Lightning sailor. Incorporating the sail number, by fusing it in the sail before soldering added a further dimension and makes it a personal piece.